The Home Buying Process: Tips From the Experts

Apr 14, 2023 1:23:37 PM

HUECU hosted its Spring Home Buying Forum this year featuring multiple guest speakers who walked us through the intricacies of the home buying process. If you missed this action-packed, four-day series, no need to fret. This blog article will give you an overlook of some of the key points covered on day three, but be sure to check out the recordings on YouTube to get the full experience.

Day three of the Home-Buying Forum focused on the actual process of buying a home. The guest speakers for this session were Daisy Familia and Michael Levine, Mortgage Loan Originators at HUECU. In the first half, Daisey so-excellently detailed where to first start on your home-buying journey. She explained the pre-approval process for a mortgage loan, how to assemble a team that will help you to successfully execute buying your dream home, and how to go about identifying properties. There was great emphasis on making sure you have a solid team consisting of a lender, a buyer’s agent, and an attorney. She provides ways to ensure that you are picking the right person for each role and details some questions to ask and boxes to check off.

Then, we were joined by Michael, who walked us through the second half of the home-buying process that involves applying and getting approved for a mortgage, preparing an offer for a property, and the final steps of closing. He gave some insightful tips, such as making sure to write every agreement down on a contract, so that the seller is obliged to fulfill their side of the agreement. This is when he proposes having a good attorney would be extremely helpful. Additionally, he does a fantastic job of describing the final stages of the entire process and advises on some of the things you should do prior to closing, such as taking a final walkthrough of the home. He concludes by reminding viewers of the amazing resources and nearly 24-7-hour support HUECU has to offer.

The session ended off with a lively Q&A session, where we discussed topics such as: the possibility of being approved for a loan without a credit card, documents needed for a mortgage loan application, how people who haven’t had a job in two years can buy a home, and much more. To hear the answers to these questions, check out the full session here!

Daisy and Michael did an exceptional job at distilling down a complicated and often daunting process. We highly recommend watching the full video, along with the other sessions on HUECU’s YouTube channel, as we believe you will benefit greatly from it.

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