Spring Town Hall Recap

May 17, 2021 3:01:29 PM

HUECU’s Spring Town Hall was held this past Friday, May 14th, with President and CEO Craig Leonard, who answered questions on everything from current low interest rates to loan offerings and HUECU membership. Keep reading for a brief recap and click here to view the full recording of the event.

Craig began Friday’s event by highlighting HUECU programs and benefits to help members affected by the pandemic, such as skip-a-pays, deferrals, and reduced rates. “We’ve seen a remarkable improvement in members’ financial situations since April or May of last year,” Craig assured. “I’m glad people are feeling better about their financial situation, but that doesn’t mean everyone is in the same situation. If you find yourself struggling through the pandemic…we’re here to help, and we’re willing to do anything that we can do to help you through this crisis.”

Craig continued to answer questions about the current state of the economy, including current low savings interest rates. He explained the Credit Union’s strategies to offer the best rates possible for the marketplace and pointed out new products such as HUECU’s Smart Rewards checking accounts, which include two reward options: cash-back and premium interest. Craig also gave his thoughts on a question over possible inflation, encouraging members to review their budgets and consider applying for any loans sooner rather than later.

Craig finished out the meeting by speaking on current HUECU initiatives, including extending the geographic reach for mortgages throughout New England and New York. Craig also spoke about mobile banking solutions for members to interact with the Credit Union remotely as well as support options for members who are not local to Boston. “You don’t have to be based here in Boston to continue with any type of product or service with the Credit Union,” he explained. Later this year, HUECU will be introducing Zelle, a digital payment solution, and focusing on bettering the digital banking technology for members in a number of other ways.

Town Halls will continue to be held quarterly on Friday’s at noon so that members can submit questions and catch up with the latest HUECU news. A full playlist of past town halls can also be found on HUECU’s YouTube channel. In the meantime, HUECU support is always available to help answer questions, and updates are posted regularly on social media!

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