Spring Break on a Budget

Feb 16, 2024 3:55:43 PM

This blog article was written by SAC student David Gonzalez

College students, it’s almost that time of the year where you put down the books and pick up the tanning oil instead. Finding things to do and places to go over the break can be tricky, especially in this financially difficult time. The good news is that a million-dollar experience doesn’t always have to cost a million bucks. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how you can make the most out of this spring break and the ones to come.

Do Your Research

Plane tickets for Spring Break will most likely be expensive unless you booked in advance. (It is a popular time to travel, after all.) All hope is not lost, however, if you did not do so. There are plenty of online resources and platforms dedicated to you finding the cheapest flight and hotel prices available. You should also scan the web for discount codes and other offers.

Travel Locally

Trendy travel destinations like the Bahamas and Cancun are exciting places to visit, but they aren’t the only locations worth visiting. Consider traveling to (relatively) local sites, such as national parks, forest preserves, monuments, museums, zoos, new coffee shops, etc. It might be the case that there are many nearby places you have been overlooking, and you might even discover a new hangout spot. This will be the perfect time to find places you enjoy being alone in, as well as sites you want to show your friends. In the process, you may develop a deeper appreciation for your surrounding environment.

Road Trip

To cut down on costs and increase the fun, consider going on a road trip with as many people as can comfortably fit in a vehicle (luggage considered). You don’t even have to go far to have a great time if you’re with the right crowd. You can all split the price of gas and purchase food for the trip in bulk. You may decide to sleep in the car or to stay in a hotel/motel/inn. Be sure to discuss this in advance.

Consider the Tracks

Railway commute provides a unique way of getting from one place to another. Depending on how far and when you travel, you can see how the landscape transforms before you, offering a relaxing view. Not only is the scenery pleasant to look at, but it also makes for wonderful photos to be treasured in the near and distant future. Without the hassle of security lines and advanced booking, many train services allow you to walk up to the station and purchase an on-site ticket. Train schedules are incredibly flexible so there is generally a time that works for everyone—perfect for last minute plans!

Keep an Open Mind

No matter how banal this spring break might seem, it can all be enjoyable if you keep your mind open to minute beauty. Just because your plans weren’t big, doesn’t mean they weren’t precious. Have fun!

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