Celebrating National Energy Conservation Day

Dec 14, 2023 1:11:27 PM

This blog post was written by SAC member David Gonzalez

This December 14th marks National Energy Conservation Day, which provides a great opportunity to consider our energy consumption and how to make positive, cost-effective changes. Particularly as winter makes its way to us, it is important that we consider how we may form more sustainable habits while simultaneously lessening our financial burden. One way to start is to make our own homes more energy-efficient!

The first thing to consider is how well your home is currently insulated. Lack of adequate insulation means that your home is losing heat to the environment, causing an increased burden on your home heating system. This translates not only into a higher energy bill for you but also into a greater negative impact on the environment. Consider checking your doors and windows for any significant gaps, and seal them via caulk or draft stoppers. If you can afford it, investing in higher quality wall insulation can also help you save a lot of money in the long run.

You can also consider installing a programmable thermostat that auto-regulates the temperature of your home. This ensures that your energy consumption is never more than it needs to be for your personal temperature preference. As far as long-term investments go, heat pumps are also an excellent way of reducing consumption because they allow you to distribute heat from one area to another, adjusting the heat in even those especially hard to reach rooms. This is an especially cost-effective option for those who live in places with prolonged winters.

We understand that many of these preventative and active measures can be costly. However, there are additional resources that help to decrease the financial burden. The government often offers financial incentives, such as rebates for these energy-efficient upgrades, to homeowners to encourage energy conservation.

MassSave is one of these programs, available for Massachusetts residents. The program offers free home energy assessments to determine ways to increase energy efficiency. It also offers discounted (and, sometimes, free) energy-saving products, such as insulation, air conditioners, and high-efficiency thermostats. MassSave also offers rebates on certain heating and cooling equipment and appliances. Additionally, through their HEAT Loan Program, they offer 0% financing on energy efficient home improvements. In other cases, they may offer funding for reducing energy-use during peak times with selected smart thermostats. This program is available for both renters and homeowners. Exclusions do apply.

For more information, visit HUECU’s MassSave page.

You also have the option of setting up renewable energy sources for your home, such as solar panels and wind power. Though high in upfront costs, the long-term savings, reduced ecological harm, and tax incentives make it an attractive option, especially if you have a aid from a government program. Research your municipal and state websites for any similar programs to MassSave.

National Conservation Day is not only about individual impact, but also about what we can accomplish as a community. By drawing attention to our current practices and sharing the available resources at our disposal, we can promote the wellbeing of the earth while also decreasing the cost energy efficiency.

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