8 Summer Job Ideas

May 19, 2023 9:30:00 AM

Getting a summer job is an excellent opportunity to practice new skills, try something different, and of course – bring in a little extra cash. Whether you’re on summer break from the school year or just looking to supplement your regular income during the warmer months, here are 8 summer jobs to consider:

1. Gig Work

Being a gig worker means that instead of signing a traditional contract and committing to a certain number of hours per week, you engage with a platform that allows you to pick up shifts when you’re free and earn a certain amount for services provided. Instacart, DoorDash and Uber are three popular choices for gig work. When choosing a platform to work with, read the fine print carefully and keep in mind that vehicle maintenance and gas are usually your responsibility.

2. Housesitting

If you can find the right clients, housesitting can be a fantastic summer job. Responsibilities include plant watering, pet watching, and general property maintenance while a family is out of town. Networking is key, as most people prefer someone they know or a vouched-for friend of a friend to watch their home, as opposed to a stranger. Do some research online to decide what price to charge, and after the job is finished, ask for a reference to share with future clients.

3. Tutoring & Lessons

Got a skill? Turn it into a job by offering lessons! Online platforms and conferencing make it easier than ever to connect with students across the country and even around the world. You might teach English as a second language, tutor a middle school neighbor in math, or do lessons related to your hobby – art, music, cooking and beyond. If you’re not sure where to start, search for local tutoring centers in your area, which often need more employees over the summer months.

4. Outdoor Care

Working outdoors is a wonderful way to earn some extra cash while also making the most of the summer sunshine. Get in touch with a local lawn care business if you’d like to learn the basics and avoid the investment of purchasing your own equipment; or set out on your own by knocking on doors to see who needs a little extra landscaping help. Local farms may also be hiring extra workers over the summer, although keep in mind that many of these jobs start as internships or apprentices.

5. Summer Camp

While most children’s overnight or day camps have already done their hiring by now, it’s certainly possible to find work over the summer. It’s a good idea to directly call a camp if you’re interested in working there and set up an interview. Having previous experience is a major plus, along with existing skills in education, outdoor work or first aid. Check in with people you know who have kids to learn about camps in your area!

6. Start a Business

Summer is usually a time when people are out and about: enjoying the sunshine, heading to events, shopping and spending more. So, it might be the right moment to get your business off the ground: whether you want to sell homemade jam at the local farmers market or take your handcrafted jewelry to boutiques around town. Think about what hobbies you already have, and how these might be a jumping off point for making money this summer.

7. Performance

If you’re a person who loves to perform – why not turn it into a job? Summer means outdoor venues and public events, which means more opportunities for paid gigs for musicians, dancers, comedians, magicians, fire dancers and so on. Get involved with an existing troop, or form your own solo act and approach event organizers to see who’s interested. Another option for performers is children’s birthday parties, which may hire acts to do magic or perform as beloved characters.

8. Volunteer

While the job of volunteer is unpaid, it’s still a great option for summer. You’re doing something for the community and building important personal and professional skills, which could lead to a full-time position in the future. Consider volunteering at a pet shelter, a crisis helpline or a “meals on wheels” program where you deliver food to people with limited mobility. Even if you just help out for a short time, volunteering is a great way to supplement your summer job hunt.

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